Kanken backpack is made out of durable, lightweight Vinylon F

Kanken bag by fjallraven made from a durable outer fabricspacious inner compartment zip top closuresignature logo print zipped front pocket grab handles and narrow shoulder strapspadded back for added comfortslip pocket to the interiorabout fjallravenoutdoor clothing label fjallraven, which means arctic fox in swedish, brings forth a high-tech collection of outdoor clothing.

The Fjallraven Kanken Backpack was made in Sweden in 1978, in a reaction to the popular shoulder bags that ruined children’s back while going to school. The pack was affordable, functional and had plenty of space for school children’s books and binders. It relieved them of most back pains and even corrected their posture!Fjallraven Kanken

Their innovative range of lush brightly coloured backpacks use advanced weatherproof fabrics that are specifically kind to the environment. Look to cute mini backpack styles, alongside regular and oversized designs.

Make sure that the Kanken you buy has the model printed correctly For the classic Kanken, the tag should say 23510- Kanken Also, for those who are unsure, be it real or fake Kanken, both bags will say they’re made of polyvinyl alcohol: apparently, the real one has a slight different spelling: polyvinol alkohol (I believe it’s some foreign language spelling), don’t count on me for that one as I think they put in all different languages.

The super versatile and stylish Kanken backpack is a staple in Sweden. The Kanken boasts unparalleled function and design with it’s moisture repelling fabric. Dimensions: 15 x 10.6 x 1.5 inches. A sturdy fjallraven backpack, detailed with a reflective logo patch and front zip pocket. Patch side pockets offer easy access to essentials, and a 2 way, wraparound zip secures the top.Fjallraven-Kanken-Bag

All Creatures Great And Small, golf or WWII armed forces, today’s High Street hotsteppas are more likely to resemble Mario Kempes on a post-Argentina ’78 beach holiday. Kanken disciples are quick to discuss the bag’s waterproof properties. The secret is the material itself. Vinylon F is a synthetic fibre that, like a natural fibre, swells when damp and creates a waterproof shield around your homework. Incredibly, during heavy downpours, a puddle develops on the roof of its front zip-up pocket, where you keep your pens and keys, in the manner of a gutter.

Kanken was launched in 1978 in collaboration with the Swedish Guide and Scout Association. More than 35 years later, Kanken has straightened out millions of backs and become one of Fjallraven’s most popular products. All we have changed are the colours, as well as releasing a few variants, such as Kanken Laptop. The first thing you notice is that the bag is super lightweight.

Still designing today with the same dedication to ingenuity, this iconic Swedish brand is known the world over for simple, functional designs that stand the test of time. This classic is a highly durable and utilitarian daypack with an undeniable cool factor. It’s machine washable and comes with a removable seat cover in the inside back. Made of superdurable vinylon. Zip closure. Top handle. Adjustable straps.fjallraven-kanken-mini

They are not afraid to make the whole kanken bag in MUD colour, or an OCHRE that you see only on a Paddington Bear’s boots. Not sure if Asians are used to seeing FROST GREEN, since we live in summer 365 days a year, or can differentiate between tropical greens with their GREENLAND GREEN, it’s a statement piece that let you finally think…”yes, it’s time to find a colour that’s me, and I am so sick of all the other brands trying to have patterns printed on them!”.  Oh yes, I just saw a UNCLE BLUE, guess what shade of blue is that!?

The idea of using a cheap Fjallraven Kanken backpack quickly spread, as did Kanken. It is just as popular today and an excellent choice for school, outings or biking to work. The large main compartment with a large opening makes it easy to put in/take out items. Two side pockets and a zippered pocket in the front. Handle at the top, narrow, supple shoulder straps, sitting pad in the pocket in the back and logo that doubles as a reflector.

Made from our durable Vinylon F fabric, which repels moisture better than any other synthetic fabric, the Kanken backpack is unparalleled in its functionality and design. Backpack Sizes and Details Dimensions: 15 x 10.6 x 5.1 inches Weight: 0.64 lbs Webbing: 100% polypropylene Height: 38 cm Width: 27 cm Depth: 13 cm Volume: 16 L Zipper: YKK.kanken backpack

Whatever you prefer. Personally, I’ve been trying to get Fjallraven to make a glow-in-the-dark Kanken backpack, so that I can really set myself apart from everyone else. They won’t return my calls. The Kanken rucksack can be carried as a backpack or can be converted into a bag via convertible straps. Pretty neat, I know.

At the end of the 1970s, reports started emerging of increasing numbers of children suffering from back pain as a result of the shoulder bags that were the fashion at the time. In order to help prevent back problems, fjallraven’s ake Nordin created a lightweight, basic, durable backpack with plenty of room for all the essentials for a day at school.

Kanken was launched in 1978 in collaboration with the Swedish Guide and Scout Association. More than 35 years later, Kanken has straightened out millions of backs and become one of fjallraven’s most popular products. All we have changed are the colours, as well as releasing a few variants, such as Kanken Laptop.

Fjallraven means arctic fox in Swedish. The name honors the resourceful predator that inspires us to design equipment that is functional in all weather conditions. Fjallraven began 50 years ago in Sweden making a framed backpack design that carried loads comfortably. This innovation helped make the outdoors accessible to a whole new generation of people and launched a movement to protect wild places. Our approach to developing products is anchored in delivering long term durability, for use year in and year out.kankenbackpack

All too often I’d be hunting for a new bag and I’ll be faced with either scenario: a cool bag catches my eye but it’s simply not practical in the long term, or it’s got these amazing compartments but it’s a glaring fashion faux-pas. If you want to break from the status quo of the North Face and Patagonia backpacks, the Kanken is for you. The square rucksack is made to be durable and will last you the (hopefully) four years you’ll be at Northwestern. Fjallraven also sells camera inserts to allow you to use cheap Fjallraven Kanken Backpack as a cool camera bag.

The first time I saw this bag was a couple of years back when it first started popping up where I live. Noticing its compact size, boxy appearance, striking logo (which I later found out is actually a reflector) and unusually large handles, I thought to myself, how cute! I want one! Kanken is made of waterproof fabric which makes it a great city or outdoor bag. I use mine primarily as a work bag and it has protected my belongings against light rain. The outer shell feels very sturdy and resistant to holes or rips, but don’t be surprised if your bag looks wrinkly when it first arrives. Once I filled it up, the creases came out but as you can see in the photos, the bag always has a crinkled texture.

I woke up this morning and realized there are only three weeks left until school starts. Eek! Do you have all your essential back to school gear yet? I’m a little behind this year so I thought it would be helpful to go over my back to school list and plan for what’s left to be done. Make sure you stick around to the end because I’ve also got an awesome backpack giveaway for one of my readers!Kanken_Backpack-Sale

Fjallraven Kanken was founded over 50 years ago. They have one strong for that lives within them, which is to establish a product that is convenient for people to travel and mobility. In 1950, the founder Ake Nordin creates a backpack frame and established  Fjallraven . Since then, they are constantly evolving and producing an ingenious, functional products that are used by generations across the universe and received numerous amount of awards. Currently, their product is sold in around 20 countries. They are consistently working and developing solutions, materials and design for tents, bags, and other outdoor equipment.

I love this bag! I use it as a stylish diaper bag. It has enough space to hold essentials and baby stuff, but isn’t bulky like most backpacks. I love the square shape, and the colors are perfect. The color is slightly off, it’s a little more true to navy than pictured. It’s not as blue. I’m not all too sure about this one, but apparently the central Kanken logo should be reflective, not matte. It also shouldn’t be a layer of gloss over a print, it’s just a nicely sown on, good quality logo. However, I’ve bought fake kankens before (realised it was fake and luckily I got a refund) and I realise it’s not that easy to identify via logo

I’ve talked to people who are hesitant to buy this because it’s famous for being a kinder-pack. I’ll have you know: this bag is for the young or the young at heart. 😉 It has a beautiful vintage look to it, in line with the Fjallraven classic brand, and I find that the more I wear my pack, the more I love it. They look great, no matter how old and worn.fjallraven_backpack

The Fjallraven Kanken Daypack is modeled after the classic bag that Swedish kids carried to school in the 70s. It’s built with durable Vinylon fabric, which offers moisture resistance to keep the contents dry. The Fjallraven Kanken has both carry handles and backpack straps, giving you choices when transporting your stuff.

Founded in 2009 by brothers Jamie and Lyndon Cormack, Herschel Supply Co. adopted the name of the small town where three generations of their family were raised. Herschel Supply Co. is based in Vancouver, Canada and manufactures the finest quality backpacks, bags, travel goods and accessories. Their goal is to create timeless product with a fine regard for detail.(source: brand’s website)

Love the style and size of bag. Straps are a bit long, but not too bad. The problem is that on the side that turns into a backpack, when you use it as a tote that side bunches up because the straps aren’t secured at the top of the bag. It makes the weight on the straps uneven, so you have one narrow strap digging into your shoulder. Every generation of Scandinavian Kids have worn Fjallraven daypack since it debuted in 1978. The classic design is the same today as back then and remains just as popular. For school, day trips, or biking to work the Kanken makes a lifelong companion for kids and adults.fjallraven backpack

After six years, my Fjallraven has certainly seen better days. It’s starting to rip at the bottom, and the padded straps have grown mangled. But it still does its job, and does it damn well. So until the bottom of the bag rips straight through, I’ll continue to stuff it full of library books, fill it with nothing but a wallet, take it to swanky restaurants and sh*tty bars, pack it for weekend getaways or easy overnights, and use it as my grab-and-go, don’t-think-twice bag.

I hate purses, because I hate carrying them, and backpacks are usually too bulky for my preference. This is the perfect bag for errands, church, school, etc… I’m constantly amazed at how durable this pack is. Don’t go too crazy with it, but it’s spacious, and can carry more than it appears. And the stitching is great, it’s evident it will hold up for a long, long (LONG) time.

Visit the Fjallraven web site for other outdoor products, made from organic cotton and Eco Cycle labelled (closed-loop production), or to sign up for Fjallraven backpack, a trek in the Lapland mountains of Sweden, for which the company won the 2010 Eco Award. Originally designed for Swedish school children in 1978, the Kanken has since become one of the most well-loved and iconic backpacks for children and adults around the world. Made from Fjallraven’s durable Vinylon F fabric, which repels moisture better than any other synthetic fabric, the Kanken is unparalleled in its functionality and design.fjallraven kanken backpack sale

A sturdy Fjallraven backpack, detailed with a front logo patch and zip pocket. Patch side pockets add versatility. A two way zip secures the single pocket interior. Adjustable shoulder straps. A favorite of school kids, hipsters, and vintage enthusiasts, the Fjallraven Kanken backpack can be recognized all over the world. With an old-school look and a huge variety of colors, there’s for sure a Fjallraven Kanken pack that will let you either stand out from the crowd, or blend in a bit.

How do you know if you’re buying a real one?  I’ve decided to create a guide so that people will understand how to identify a real and fake Kanken, and hopefully, you won’t be fooled or cheated by those dishonest people who claim they’ve got “the real thing”. As these companies are very renown and they do carry tons of other brands (River Island etc), you are guaranteed that they truly know what they’re selling and that their sources are 99.99% the actual Kanken company.

At first, people weren’t sure what to think of this new way of carrying. Nordin thought he might sell some 200 the first year, but he sold 400. The second year, he sold 30.000, a definite sign of success. And something else happened; the Kanken bag started to be more than just a rucksack. By some, wearing a Kanken turned into a symbol of liberal political views and sometimes the bag was called “the communist hunchback”.fjallravenkanken

Originally designed for Swedish school children in 1978, the Fjallraven Kanken Backpack keeps your daily essentials securely stowed in classic Scandinavian style. The water-resistant Vinylon F fabric keeps books and notepads protected during light rain, and the removable seat pad gives you a plush place to sit your rear while you wait for the bus.

The Fjallraven Kanken backpack is ideal for students looking for a stylish-yet-functional bag that has the capacity to hold books, notepads, and online Kanken backpack sale while providing the signature quality and durability that the Fjallraven brand is known for. Unlike other bags which can fall apart after just a couple of semesters, each Kanken is designed with the utmost attention to craftsmanship to ensure that it lasts for many years to come.

Well it is now also a hipster thing, because it is “retro” and “classic”. Though it was hugely popular long before hipsters. So it is a “classic”, because everyone else was using it before hipsters made it a hipster status symbol. Which little bit makes it pointless as a status symbol, because everyone else also carries one. Hipsters just make a point about using them. Everyone else just uses them in general.

The kanken would probably outlive a nuclear zombie apocalypse. but they are not for me. I live with my backpack, take it with me where ever I go and the ergonomics aren’t good enough to pack 10-20 kg and walk around with it all day. for a normal student it’s probably good enough. but I would recommend something with larger shoulderstraps ans beter ergonomics in the back area. It is the perfect size and I bring it everywhere with me. It’s big enough to fit most everything I need, but small enough to put on my lap during a flight. I love that you can put it in the washer when it gets dirty.Kanken_back_large

And today, 32 years after the first Kanken was sold, some 200,000 bags are made every year, the design hardly having changed at all. Fjallraven believes that there are some 3 million happy backs out there, carrying a Kanken. The brand started with a Swedish 14 year old building a wooden frame for a backpack and that backpack became the foundation for Fjallraven today. The focus remains to be “functional, durable, and timeless” which is why their popularity is growing today.

Built out of highly-durable Vinylon F material, the Fjallraven Kanken is naturally waterproof and able to keep your belongings safe and dry in almost any environment – from the unexpected winter rain storm to the humid summer’s day on the trail. This is the Jansport of Sweden! This backpack is made with hard-wearing vinylon fabric and features a zipper that opens the entire main compartment, a front zip-pocket, and two open side pockets— great for storing phones, water bottles, maps, etc.

Fjallraven Kanken: In the 1950’s, 14 year-old ake Nordin from ?rnsk?ldsvik in Northern Sweden spent more time outdoors than indoors. After many long treks in the mountains, ake decided the backpacks at the time were unsatisfactory and took matters into his own hands by building a wooden frame. This evenly distributed weight across his back so the pack did not end up uneven, pear-shaped, and uncomfortable. It also meant he could carry more weight with ease. ake’s innovation quickly caught on and in 1960 Fjallraven became the first to commercially make and distribute framed backpacks.Kanken Mini Backpack

Hi Jay! I haven’t tried waxing the bag yet. I personally have used mink oil or Sno Seal (like you mentioned) and I’ve gotten good results on other items, however I have yet to re-wax this bag. I know that Fjallraven has their own wax, mainly used on the G-1000 garments, however I think it would work just fine for these bags.

This Swedish classic is a simple and clean bag that can be used for a variety of light adventure activities. I’ve used this bag for the past couple of years and I can tell you from experience, this thing is tough and durable. This is really not a technical bag at all, so keep this in mind, no shoulder padding, one main compartment that has a sleeve for a laptop (it can fit a 15 inch Macbook Pro, it’s tight but it does fit like a glove), and the bag has a small zippered outer compartment big enough to hold your wallet, keys, etc.

There’s a removable foam padding on the inside of the main compartment that helps retain shape while cushioning your back; it also doubles as a seat cushion on hikes! Simple shoulder straps and top handles with button clasp allow it to be carried as a handbag or shoulder bag. Logo patch doubles as a safety reflector, and fabric can be waxed for additional water resistance.Kanken-Backpack-Pink

The classic Fjallraven Kanken backpack has remained true to its style since 1978. The nylon bag has a small zip front pocket. The wraparound zip opens to a main compartment with a laptop sleeve. Webbed top handles and shoulder straps. The idea of using a backpack quickly spread, as did Kanken. It is just as popular today and an excellent choice for school, outings or biking to work. Kanken is made out of durable, lightweight Vinylon F. The large main compartment with a large opening makes it easy to put in/take out items. Two side pockets and a zippered pocket in the front. Handle at the top, narrow, supple shoulder straps, sitting pad in the pocket in the back and logo that doubles as a reflector.

And simple: shoulder straps, carrying handles, zippers that open the bag for easy access, 1 special padded inside pocket along the back, 2 small outer side pockets and 1 zipped bag on the front. The bags come in 3 sized and are made from Vinylon 7, a very durable and waterproof fabric. The colours are really fun, from the classic green to bright yellow. Last but not least, the climate impact from production and transportation has been carbon offset.kankenbackpackreview

Kanken bags are now worn everywhere, and if you’re one of the owner, you’ll proudly wear it every-single-day on any occasion. Kanken is a phenomena, whether you’re in Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Europe or any part of the world, you’ll see the fans styling it on the street. With a vast variety of colors selection (and new one’s on every season), you’d wish to own at least two to suit your lifestyle and fashion sense.